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Thursday, November 12, 2009


Yes, I know it has been a while since i posted, but hey.... I get bored easily by things and i guess this was one of those things. :) Too much has happened to do a recap of my life since i last wrote so i will just start at NOW.

My Early winter has consisted of the aroma of soup on my miniature stove, the dim light of two new lamps ( $2 each at the Fuita, CO Goodwill-- Very proud buyer), the sweet leathery smell of my elegant "MALIN+GOTEZ" candle- which is actually getting quite low... hint hint for anyone in the Christmas spirit-, and the sight of my 3 pairs of wool lined shoes resting by the door and waiting for the snow.

Things i have recently learned:
Gardening in a Greenhouse
Making Kombucha Tea
Making a Wreath (no $$ needed)
The best care for a Jade Plant

I was a little hesitant in planing right now because i had heard it might be too late in the season, but i guess i will find out in a couple of months. The Greenhouse was loaded with weeds, straw, and dead plants. First Step: Clean. This is the easiest part for me because i actually know what i am doing. Simple, right? Just rip up all the old dead plant and the growing weeds and vines( i left the edible ones like mallow) and prepare the soil. I took some compost from our yard and with my hands mixed it into the already existent greenhouse earth. I don't know if I learned this somewhere or just developed it on my own, but i firmly believe in using my hand to touch the soil as much as possible, i rarely use tools. While doing this i image the life in me touching the life in the earth and helping it grow.
Second Step: Plant seeds. I did some asking around and research to compile a list of things that enjoy winter greenhouse growing. This is what I came up with:
Cool Greenhouse Plants
Brussel Sprouts
Swiss chard
Peppers- start late Feb. facing South
Tomatoes- start early Jan. in pot facing South
Eggplant- start mid Jan.
Cucumbers- start late Feb. facing South
Sweet Potatoes

And Lastly I planted them as directed on the package and have been watering almost every morning, as if I were planing outside in the spring. I hope this works, been using visualizing techniques to help them grow as well. I planted last Saturday 11/7/09.

* This recipe was given to be by one of the best raw cooks I know, Amber! She is awesome.
3-4 L. Filtered Water
1 T. Organic Black Tea
1 Cup Organic Sugar
1 Large or 2 Medium Clean/Sterilized Bowls
2-4 oz. Kombucha or vinegar
Sterilized (Soaked in Bleach Water) Cheesecloth or Bandana
1/2 Mushroom 'Mother'

BOil water and steep tea for 15 min. Remove tea and stir in sugar. Cool to room temperature, then pour into a glass or stainless steel clean bowl (or 2). Add Kombucha and 1/2 of a 'Mother'. Cover with sterilized cheesecloth or bandana and place in a warm (70-80 degree ) dark place. Depending on the temperature, it will take about 1-3 weeks. Will taste bubbly, vinegary, with a little sweetness. * Disturb the mother as little as possible while Kombucha is fermenting.

SO MUCH FUN!!! So, basically all you need is:
wire hanger
pieces plants you want to use
aspen branches
pine cones
green florist wire

Bend wire hanger into a circle and connect the ends, this is the base for your wreath. Make a bundle of your plants and tie them to the wreath base. Continue to do this, keeping the branches going the same direction. I found that it works best putting on LOTS of leaves and tying them close together.
This sight might be more informative:

I helped this lady move into the house next door, when I first moved here and was living in Turtle Lake. As we hauled her things inside i could help but notice her AMAZING, huge jade tree. We chatted about it and she gave me a planted cutting from that tree! My plant hadn't grown much since then and that was almost 6 months ago. I never really knew how to best take care of it until I want over to a friends house for Monday night Potluck and he had at least 15 Jade plants. He told me this-
Jades like:
LOTS of Sun, preferably a South facing window
and to be completely dried out between waterings
Just in the past two weeks mine has sprouted 3 new little jade's in the pot!! YAY.